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Glad You Asked

YouTube Originals presents Vox’s Glad You Asked, an ensemble-led exploration of topics driven by our curiosity about the world around us. Hosts Cleo Abram, Joss Fong, Lee Adams, Fabiola Cineas, and Christophe Haubursin share in their reporting as they examine timely questions around the impact of systemic racism on our communities and in our daily lives. From revealing how housing segregation affects our futures, to the impact of racism on our bodies, their intersecting journeys will reveal just how crucial and empowering racial justice is to our entire society.

Machine Learning Bias

Segment on machine learning bias - live action composit.

Archival Treatments

Video Chat Treatments

Charts and Infographics

How Racist Am I?

Integrating archival videos into pages.

Live Action Composits

Circadian Wheel

Segment on circadian rhythms, illustrated with animated icons.

Sound Wave Physics

Explaining the properties of sound waves - live action composit.